Tom Vilsack just won the Iowa Lottery.

Yes, THAT Tom Vilsack. Former Governor of Iowa. Former United States Agriculture Secretary and former Presidential candidate. THAT Tom Vilsack won a $150,000 Powerball prize.

Vilsack paid for his ticket at HyVee in Waukee. He still legally resides there and no longer holds public office so yes, he is eligible to play and win. We know what you're thinking. Save some for the rest of us!  And he is. He's going to donate a portion of it to his church, St. Boniface Catholic in Waukee. He'll give some to his kids to help them, and the rest to pay off an old mortgage.

He knows the cost of his lottery ticket is going to help education, veterans and other programs and services in Iowa, so according to CBS2, he says it was also a great way to give back.

He bought his ticket back in January when the jackpot stood at $347 million and, as he told the Des Moines Register,  "forgot" about it for about ten days until he just happened to wake up and think about it. $100k later, he's got another notch on his list of stellar achievements.

He really is "just like the rest of us". Well, except for that extra $150k in his pocket.

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