Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner are engaged! The couple, who met during their respective runs on American Idol in 2018, are getting married, they have confirmed to People.

“I’ve been thinking about proposing for quite a while,” Foehner says. “It’s getting harder and harder to be apart. Doing all the traveling we have to do, sometimes we have to go a month without seeing each other. That’s a little much for me, so I decided to go ahead and do this thing!”

Foehner proposed by surprise during a recent trip to Los Angeles, where the couple visited their pastor and participated in pre-marital counseling.

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“The hotel we were staying at while we were there was the same one me and Cade met and hung out in for the first time during Idol,” Barrett tells People. “So I told Cade we have to go back and check out the room and he agreed.”

Foehner had already purchased the ring, but he didn't have it with him because he wasn't planning on proposing during the trip. When he realized they were staying in the same room, he had his sister overnight it to him so he could move up the timetable for the big question.

The couple were doing a photo shoot in the room when the photographer paused and said she had to change lenses.

"Cade starts saying all these sweet things and I didn’t think anything of it because he normally does it all the time,” Barrett shares. “But I noticed he kept going on and on and then he eventually said, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’ Then he got down on one knee and he asked and I said, ‘Yes!'”

Barrett admits she didn't think anything would come of their relationship when they first met, but they fell in love quickly, and Foehner says he's known he wanted to propose for a while now. Barrett is 19, while Foehner is 22, but they say they're not concerned about being too young for marriage.

“What’s the sense in sitting around and waiting around to be married?" Foehner asks. "I’m ready to do this thing and when I’m 80 years old I’m going to look back at the time I wasted not being her husband.”

The couple have not set a wedding date, but say they would like to marry in the fall or winter. They intend to invite Idol judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie to their wedding.

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