There are just so many perfect Frankenstein descriptors to use when talking about this new Bride of Frankenstein. It’s stumbling. It’s lurching. It’s seemingly dead, but still shambling forward.

Or maybe it’s about to be struck by a bolt of lightning and revived. This new Bride was intended as the next film from Universal’s Dark Universe of monster movies, connecting new versions of the Mummy (Tom Cruise), the Invisible Man (Johnny Depp) and more. Bride, directed by Bill Condon, was expected to go into production in London early next year, but yesterday Universal announced they were postponing the shoot because, they said, this “special movie needs more time to come together.”

One of the parts that still needs to come together is the cast. It has been rumored that Javier Bardem would star in the film as the Frankenstein monster, with Angelina Jolie as the Bride. But, according to TheWrap...

Javier Bardem and Jolie have been previously attached to Bride of Frankenstein, but insiders tell TheWrap that neither actor has a deal locked in. Condon and the other filmmakers have been in a holding pattern waiting for Jolie to commit to the project or pass.

So who could play the Bride if Jolie passes? TheWrap says Condon wants Gal Gadot, the newly minted mega-star of the Wonder Woman and Justice League franchises. Makes sense; Gadot’s career is on fire right now, and she could add some serious buzz to a project that already looks a little iffy. (And given Jolie’s current emphasis on directing over acting, she might be a longshot too.)

Universal has yet to announce when this reconceived Bride of Frankenstein will be released. They probably need a script and actors before they can do that.

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