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OREO via Facebook
OREO via Facebook

Attention gluten free people! Get ready for what will be your favorite snack year ever. OREO has announced that coming to stores in 2021 is gluten free OREO cookies.

Ironically, for the first time in a very long time, I had a tall glass of milk and ate an entire row of OREO cookies while watching Monday Night Football. I forget sometimes just how much I love milk-sogged OREO cookies.

Many people throughout the years who have gluten allergies haven't been able to enjoy the delicious chocolate cream cookie. Coming in 2021, OREO will be adding a new product to its lineup. Gluten free OREO's.

"Milk’s Favorite Cookie, now in a Gluten Free version. Coming January 2021."

Instead of making people with gluten allergies wait well into 2021 to enjoy OREO cookies for possible the first time ever, OREO and their parent company Nabisco will be releasing the gluten free version of the product come January of next year.

Soon enough, OREO cookies will be able to be enjoyed by all. Unless you're allergic to chocolate then I feel really bad for you.

If you're also looking to get a customized OREO with your favorite color, a picture, sprinkles, or whatever you like, you can now customize your OREO however you like!

To begin customizing your OREO, click here.

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