With Halloween coming up, I thought I'd share some of my most memorable (failed) costumes. Dressing up isn't really my thing anymore, although I know a lot of adults still like to do it. I do remember some of the costumes of my youth. I don't have the photographic evidence anymore but here are some pictures of the real things.

Sonny Crockett-As a big fan of "Miami Vice", then and now, I idolized Sonny Crockett and his suave, tailored pastel suits, sunglasses and designer shoes (without socks). My version consisted of a navy blue suit, with a Hanes t-shirt underneath, and tennis shoes with no socks. My eyewear involved the coke bottle glasses I already had to wear, and I emulated Crockett's perfect tan with my perfect lack thereof. Give me a break, I was only 9.

Hulk Hogan-I worshipped the Hulkster. This outfit came as a store-bought yellow "cape" with "Hulkamania" printed across the front of it, and a plastic Hulk Hogan mask. I already had the blonde hair and I remember an eyeliner mustache being painted on me by my Mom so I may have foregone the mask. So dorky.

The Incredible Hulk-This was another store-bought costume. I might have passed more accurately for the scientist David Banner before he turned into the Incredible Hulk when he got stressed out, but both were another set of fictional characters I gravitated to as a youngster and had to emulate at Halloween. Make sure you pass out Snickers bars to any Incredible Hulk you see out this Halloween season or the below transformation may occur. Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Police Officer-The picture below are Ponch and John from the TV show "ChiPs" about fictional California highway patrolmen, but my costume was just a general cop outfit. I might have gone this route multiple times, a prerequisite as a Halloween costume for the son of a law enforcement professional.

ALF-Rounding out the list was the famous alien life form (ALF), whose "real" name was Gordon Shumway. ALF lived with the Tanner family (not to be confused with the "Full House" clan). I lived with the Stone family. None of us were aliens. In addition to my ALF costume, I also had an ALF "doll".


So there is my list of memorable Halloween costumes. What were some of your most memorable ones, past or present? Share in the comments.

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