Jenny McCarthy on Twitter
Jenny McCarthy on Twitter

What would you say is a fair tip for the hardworking servers, waiters, waitresses and bartenders who take our orders and serve them to us in our favorite establishments daily? 15 percent? 20? How about a 100 percent tip?

A movement called 'Tip the Bill' went viral on social media over the holidays of people paying it forward by leaving their restaurant servers a tip equal to the amount of their entire bill--or more.

The biggest might have been the one paid by actor Donnie Wahlberg, whose wife Jenny McCarthy posted on Twitter the receipt showing a $2,020 tip (in honor of the year 2020) on a $78 tab. Another couple did the same for a waitress in Michigan, Danielle Franzoni, on only a $23 check. Danielle, who herself later paid a $20.20 tip to a server, said

I"m gonna build a future because of this. My kids have a future, and I have a home. It's a really big deal."

 Most of us don't live in Hollywood. We're barely making ends meet ourselves, consider eating out a luxury and don't have that much extra to give. We also might not want to share our kindness all over social media and instead pay it forward silently.

It's OK. The "2020 tip challenge" simply stipulates that you keep some combination of the number 2020 in the tip ($20.02, $20.20, $202.00, $2,020, etc.). It, along with 'Tip the Bill' are simple gestures toward hardworking folks like ourselves, who in their case may rely mostly, if not entirely on the tips we give them as income.

No matter what the day or time of year it is, it pays to be a good tipper, however much you can give.

If you're a server or bartender, what's the biggest tip or most memorable gesture a customer has ever given you?

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