Bring on Spring! It's coming soon, and full disclosure, March is my birthday month. We have "sprung forward" (perhaps for one of the last few times!) and although it's not fun to lose that hour of sleep, the sun starts going down after 7 p.m. so to me it's a fair trade-off. You can see where I am going with this. All of these reasons add up to why, if you ask me what my favorite month of the year is...I love March (May, June, July, and August aren't far behind. I like it bright, warm, and sunny, ok?).

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YouGov did a survey and found that a lot of folks like chili, sweatshirts, and football over grilling and short-sleeves. Most people said their favorite month of the year was October! 15 percent of people say it's their favorite month. That doesn't sound like many but there are obviously 12 months to pick from, and the findings were broken down by people responding with their favorite vs. least favorite month. Only 3 percent said October was their LEAST favorite.

January was the least-liked month overall. 26 percent disliked it compared to 3 percent who liked it. February came next as the second-least liked month. Two very miserable months, so it makes sense.

March didn't get a ton of love (or hate) in the survey but somehow more people hated it than liked it. The responses we got to the question of "what is your favorite month of the year (and why)?" were as wide-ranging as the calendar itself

Teresa Williams
"'s warm, but not too warm. Lilacs and lily of the valley bloom."
Karen Kilts
"July- lots of fireworks, boating & outdoor activities."
Crystal Webber
"June. Getting warmer, but not humid yet."
LA Mitchell
"November - Thanksgiving, sweatshirts, football, no bugs." 
Joy Grover Mashek
Kurt Bbachert
Kenneth Carsner
May...its Springtime.


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