Kids can be BRUTAL!

Sometimes kids can be the sweetest people alive, but they have been known to take you down a notch from time to time, whether it be on purpose or accidentally.

When I was a teenager, my younger cousin made a comment to me I will never forget. She was really into the show 'America's Next Top Model' at the time, and she decided to tell me I could never be a model because my hips are too wide. I still remind her of her heartbreaking comment at least once a year!

Have you ever had a child insult you? We asked that question on Facebook this week and got some hilariously devastating responses. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Shannon Story Hampson - "My son and I were on a bike ride, I was leading. He said, 'I can't believe you can ride a bike with such a big butt.'"
  • LynDee Heitman Capper - "As a teacher, I’m always getting something. One time a student complimented my sweater and said, 'My mom has that sweater… only in a much smaller size!' Ouch!"
  • Brianna Tylee - "My daughter was 4 or 5 at the time, and an ad came on the radio for some anti-bloat product and gave a phone number to call for a free trial. My daughter pipes up and says, 'mom you may not be fat, just bloated. You should call.'"
  • Crystal Dayton - "This was not to me, but my son said to an adult, 'where were you born?' The person said, 'I was not born at a hospital, I was born on the side of a highway," and my son goes, 'yeah, that's where most accidents happen at.'"
  • Jacob McCullough - "Okay, I'm a teacher and this is the interaction I had with a student:
    Student: *pulls a pencil out of his pocket and drops a dollar*
    Me: "Is that my tip?" 
    Student: "No. You want a tip? Grow some hair."
  • Stacy Kula - "I'm a veterinarian and my 5-year-old niece told me I wasn't a real doctor at Thanksgiving."
  • Stacie Lynn - "I work at a daycare and one summer we took a field trip day to the pool, so I didn't wear makeup. A boy looked at me confused when he saw me and said, 'what's wrong with your face?!'"
  • Brittany Nelson - "My daughter asked me a couple of weeks ago if I have a baby in my belly. Spoiler alert: I don't."
  • Kiley Phelps Schultz - "Shania Twain's song 'Man, I Feel Like a Woman' came on and my 10-year-old son asked, 'am I allowed to sing this even though I'm a boy?' Before I could reply, he answered himself with, 'oh yeah, I can because I've seen you sing along to 'I'm sexy and I know it.'"
  • Jill Wilson - "I worked at a school for a long time and one time a kid was like, 'Jill, why are your teeth as yellow as your shirt?' When I went to the dentist the next time, he said my teeth were white that I didn’t need to get them whitened."

Share your story with us in the comments below!

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