Here's What Iowa Politicians Think of D.C. Statehood

One of the hot button topics in politics over the past few years has been whether or not D.C. or the District of Columbia should be made a state. One of the many concerns has been that these D.C. residents pay all the same taxes without receiving representation.

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The District of Columbia elects a non-voting delegate to the House of Representatives. This politician can help make legislation, but they cannot vote on the matter. No matter what side of the aisle you fall on this is an interesting topic. The majority of us have always lived in a world where the United States had fifty states. Now we are currently the closest we've ever been to adding to that number.

Iowa Legislatures

Congresswoman Ashley Hinson

This is what Congresswoman Ashley Hinson thinks about D.C. statehood. The Republican lawmaker claims that it is unconstitutional. As reported in Radio Iowa, Hinson believes this bill is an attempt by Democratic lawmakers to gain power in the legislature.


“Our founding fathers were clear that they did not want the federal government to exist within one state. A constitutional amendment would be required to make D.C. as state, unless the 23rd Amendment is repealed.”

Representative Randy Feenstra

Feenstra released a statement on his website about the matter. The Republican politician voted against the bill that was passed in the House.

 Now, they have voted to make D.C. a state so they can expand the number of Democrats in the Senate. It seems all they care about is consolidating power to make it easier for them to pass a far-left agenda that would be harmful to farms and main street businesses -- whether it's the Green New Deal disguised as 'infrastructure,' government-run health care, or multi-trillion tax-and-spend proposals that will send our country into a never-ending debt spiral.


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