Are you tired of all the political commercials you've been hearing on our radio station ad nauseum (see what I did there?) the past several months? We read the Facebook messages, e-mails, and listen to the calls daily, so we know you are. In most cases, we're actually not allowed to refuse them but, trust us, we will soon be more than ready to move on to happier broadcasting elements.

The political robocalls will soon stop, too, thank goodness, as Iowa was recently ranked in the Top 6 states to receive those the most. Starting tomorrow, won't it be refreshing to get back to the regular, ordinary random robocalls? In the time you spend ignoring another one of those calls or texts, and you have your phone nearby anyway,  it's a good time to download our free mobile app to listen for our LAST political ad of the season. I'm told by our traffic manager, aka commercial scheduler that it will happen at, drumroll please...6:50 p.m. (ish) tonight! If you think it annoys you, try being her and divvying all these commercials out between four stations to make sure they're played equally.

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So there you have it, set your alarms and have the champagne (or grape juice) ready to pop open at 6:40 or so because that's when you'll be close to hearing the last of these audio temper-tantrums for another two years (for the midterm elections). Our friends at Iowa's News Now say theirs will play before 5.

We can't speak for other media outlets or promise there won't be a recount of the actual votes, but for our part, the counting is almost done.

I'm Eric Stone, and I approved this message.

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