It's not just a Presidential election coming up on November 3rd.

Across the United States, four more states will be voting to decriminalize or legalize marijuana.

Once again, Iowa is NOT one of those states. New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota and Wyoming are the latest four states who will let voters decide if weed should be legal.

Even Mississippi is getting into the game, giving voters the choice to make medical marijuana legal.

So when will Iowa take the giant step and let voters decide if weed should be legalized? Probably never.

As more and more states jump on the bandwagon, it's obvious that the decision is not so much a progressive choice but rather a financial one.

There's big money to be made in weed sales on taxes, and states like Michigan and Illinois are taking advantage of the situation. States are not only decriminalizing weed, but changing laws to legalize small amounts for personal recreational use.

It would seem logical that a farming state like Iowa would be out front on this cash cow, but don't count on it.

It appears that Iowa will be one of those lagging states that will simply wait this out as the Federal government slowly inches its way closer to decriminalizing legislation across the USA.

The reason why Iowa won't step out sooner is political. Conservatives are in no hurry to advance this agenda, regardless of the potential rewards in tax revenues.

Remember that as you cast your ballot.

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