Pedestrian-related traffic deaths have increased by 46 percent in the past decade, and AAA Minnesota-Iowa wants motorists to see the signs. That is, the free ones they are distributing to remind us all to "slow down, watch for kids".

School is starting soon, kids will be everywhere

KWQC says the signs are being distributed as a reminder that not only are pedestrian-related traffic deaths up but as an especially important reminder to keep schoolchildren out of harm's way. About 20-percent of children ages 14 and younger killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians. Adults know better, but you remember when you were a kid and didn't always obey the "look both ways" rule. Watch for them.

The signs are just one mode of awareness

They are free and can be picked up at any Minnesota or Iowa AAA branch, limit 2 per person. But, they should accompany other important awareness and safety measures including:

  • Slow down in residential neighborhoods or while driving by parks. Children can unexpectedly run out into the street.
  • Be vigilant when backing out of driveways and turning onto residential streets.
  • Follow the posted speed limits, especially in areas that have lower speed limits, such as school zones and residential neighborhoods.
  • Eyes on the road: Put down your phone (is the phone call requiring your attention really more important than driving? Then, pull over.)
  • Stop when the school bus flashes its stop sign.  Unless you are on a divided highway, traffic in both directions must stop for a school bus that has its stop sign out.
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Use the search tool at the AAA website to locate your nearest branch and pick up your sign.

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