You may have noticed a few more Halloween decorations out and about this year here in the QC, or where ever you are this holiday season. Many people are predicting that 2020 is going to be the year of decorations since COVID is keeping us from doing very much.

With Halloween as the first in line of the holiday season it'll help us see what the other holidays will look like when it comes to decoration.

Places like the LA times are also predicting larger decoration sales this year,

If early shopping trends are any indication, 2020 is the year we go bonkers on decorating our yards and homes, because we really can’t do much else. Many traditional holiday events and venues are closed due to coronavirus.

I myself stared buying Halloween decorations in September, and plane on getting more.

Even if you don't this year, it looks like a lot of people are. So if you find yourself looking for something to do, driving around and looking at the awesome decorations should defiantly be on your list.

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