Daniel Radcliffe may have left his days as Harry Potter behind, but the actor still seems to have a soft spot for supernatural fair. Lionsgate debuted the first 'Horns' trailer, which sees the young star in the midst of a murder mystery. Oh! And he has impish horns protruding from his head and goes all Britney Spears with a snake.

'Horns,' based on the novel of the same name by Joe Hill, sees Radcliffe portray a man name Ignatius Perrish who is accused of the violent murder of his girlfriend (Juno Temple). To make his defense weaker, he wakes up after a night of binge drinking to find a set of satyr-like horns sprouting from his temple, justifiably unnerving the townspeople. The only good thing seems to be that these new appendages force those around him to confess their sins, which gives him the edge in finding his girlfriend's killer.

Yes, it all seems weird, but Radcliffe has been embracing the odd and unexpected, and he's thriving in it. Aside from 'Horns,' which is directed by Alexandre Aja of the equally creepy-looking 'The Hills Have Eyes,' the actor also has his upcoming gig as the hunchbacked Igor in 'Frankenstein,' and who could forget his naked performance in 'Equus' on Broadway?

'Horns' already made the film festival rounds, and will hit UK theaters this Halloween. Author Joe Hill expects the US release to be around the same time.

Horns Trailer Poster

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