Spring Cleaning

According to Webster's dictionary, the word "hoard" means "to collect and often hide away a supply of" something.  We've all considered ourselves "hoarders" from time to time, then seen the show Hoarders and maybe felt better about ourselves. 

Anyway, a new study looked at people's hoarding tendencies so we can look at how we stack up against others, but it didn't really look at the things that are really considered problem hoarding items.

Are you among the 63 percent of people who still keep their CDs? I am. Why not? It's more of a collection than hoarding, plus I spent years and lots of money accumulating them and they can still be used.

Same with DVDs. 51 percent have more than 20 of them. I saw no problem with this...as long your house has adequate space for them (I've donated some of these, along with books, to the library but have had to store some away in the garage since I moved...I might be a hoarder!)

61 percent  have kept their stuffed animals and keepsakes from childhood, such as Beanie Babies.

On the other hand, 46 percent of those surveyed have kept their VHS tapes, 56 percent have miscellaneous cords lying around with no idea what they go to, and 58 percent of people admit to having more stuff in their closet than needed.

You can take the BuzzFeed survey on hoarding habits HERE and weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below.

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