If you're a parent with kids in school in Eastern Iowa, you know all too well how much they've been home this winter.

We all want Mother Nature's brutal grip to loosen. Except maybe the kids, who might be saying "let it snow", until they discover all these days will have to be made up, likely well into their summer vacation.

With all this missed time adding up, the Cedar Rapids Community School District issued an interesting Facebook post this week, assuring parents they are taking "all factors into consideration", including family, travel and work schedules in deciding how to make up an "unusually high number of missed hours" this school year.

It used to be, they'd just tack extra days onto the end of the school year. In short, they may be running out of those, too. Other solutions may be necessary, such as remaining scheduled half-days turning into full ones. They plan an update next week and we'll keep you posted.

We applaud our educators in the handling of the safety and scheduling issues Mother Nature has created this winter.

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