I get it. It's misleading to call it a "refund" because it's just your own money you're getting back because you've overpaid throughout the year. But work with me.

We all look forward to tax day with either excitement or trepidation, but April 15 is a wealthy windfall for some, and a bank account buster for others. Will you get that refund, or find out you owe even MORE? Most people's urgency to get it done depends on which side of that coin they expect to be on.

I'm pretty boring. I get a refund every year and usually put it straight into the bank. But what are you going to use yours for? We start with the unlucky ones.

Paying in 4,000 like every year

Didn't get a refund, just emptied all of my personal worth

What’s a refund???

 I'm out

Others expect money back, and are being practical:

Thinking I should save it back to be able to afford the upcoming train of Alliant Energy rate hikes. Where there is one there are sure to be more.

Same thing every yr...flood insurance

College tuition :(

These folks just want to treat themselves. Good for you!

 A tattoo, my first ever 😁

Seasonal camping fee

We hope you don't find April too "taxing" of a month, and if you're not in the money from the IRS, you can always enter to win up to $5,000 just for listening to us at work.

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