The news feed has been pretty overwhelming this year. Between a pandemic, election, murder hornets, and celebrity deaths, it's easy to just want to hide out somewhere for a little while. Now, with election week coming up shortly, the political spam calls, emails, radio and TV ads, and everything else is about to be at its absolute peak. Wouldn't it be nice to just dip out for a little bit, until it's over?

The company is offering a stay in a man-cave that's literally a cave 50 feet underground in New Mexico, from November 2-7.

The stay will cost you a completely unaffordable $5/night, so $25 for the full stay.'s booking page for the stay goes live at 9am ET on Friday, October 9th. It's served on a first-come first-serve basis.

For those looking to get away but don't want to stay in a cave, so they're giving anyone 20% off their price at select properties with the word "rock" in the name for anyone who uses the code "UnderARock" at checkout. This promotion starts at 9am Friday.

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This Beautiful House Is Completely Underground

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