Well, it's here! The first-ever Major League Baseball game played on the "Field of Dreams" in Dyersville. The first pitch is tonight at 6.

We know the TV network broadcasting, as well as the big news of an Iowa native singing the national anthem, another Iowa native taking his spot as home plate umpire, and the news of the movie's leading man, Kevin Costner, throwing the first pitch. We also know the teams playing. It will be the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees.

If you're like me, all the other stuff is super-exciting, but the two teams? Kinda "blah." I get the prestige and history of the Yankees and what it brings to the "first-ever" nature of this event, and that there's a White Sox connection based on the movie/story. But it was leaked yesterday that MLB has its sights set on a certain OTHER Chicago team for next year.

Yes, I am referring to the beloved Chicago Cubs. According to the Des Moines Register, Manager David Ross "accidentally" spilled the beans on Wednesday and before he could try to take it back, it was, as this stuff usually is, all over the internet within minutes.

A Cubs reporter for NBC Chicago was all over it:

Again, to take nothing away from the game this year, including the fact that we had to wait an extra year for it due to the pandemic, this potential tidbit about the Cubs playing next year is about as exciting as it gets.

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Now if we could just get another midwest team locked in as their opponent? Kansas City Royals, Minnesota Twins, dare we even dream, the Cubs' heated division rival St. Louis Cardinals? That would be quite a "home run" for 2022 indeed.

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