I'm Eric and NORMALLY I'm on the air every day, including Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. That won't be the case today though! For a pretty disastrous reason.

Mother Nature has made this week anything but "normal" for most of us, including the folks at Prairie Soup Company in our building, Plaza 425 in downtown Cedar Rapids. Get the lowdown here. (Now, I know what you're thinking, and I SWEAR I DIDN'T DO IT!)

Work continues on trying to fix the problem and we wish them the best in picking up the pieces, but that means no access to the building for us today. It's a little disappointing but we will not have a DJ on the air today. However, thanks to technology, the show can go on. That just means MORE of Today's Best Mix. Just don't get too used to it or I might become obsolete.

Our free mobile app is available to stream us live anytime on your smart phone, and you can set us up on your Alexa device. We're broadcasting on the website and the good ol' fashioned way, on your trusty radio dial.

By the way, Punxsatawney Phil just came out of the ground and did not see his shadow, predicting an early Spring. I think we are all keeping our fingers crossed more than ever this year that he is right!

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