I, Eric Stone, have been at KDAT for a long time. I figure most of you, the listeners, know who I am by now, so I don't make a habit out of saying my name a lot on the air. Plus, I am aware that you're probably not listening to hear me as much as the content and music I present, so who I am doesn't matter anyway.

Apparently, not everyone knows me, Eric Stone, yet. Mike Ferris, my immediate boss here, has been doing the midday shift for several months. He's decided to move back into the background a little, to better handle his managerial duties, so I'll be on the air from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. weekdays more frequently, in addition to my regular weekend shifts.

A recent positive performance review Mike showed me, from one of our corporate higher-ups at Townsquare, gave me a nice ego boost. That is, until we realized they may have thought they were reviewing Mike and not me. After all the e-mail was addressing the midday portion of the review to him by name.

Mike's conclusion was that I, Eric Stone, don't say my name on the air enough for the higher-ups in Connecticut to know we had made the change. With all of the stations around the country that they operate, they understandably don't have time to be paying that much attention. Nor do you, as you're rushing through your busy day at work.

It was all worth a good chuckle, and from now on, I, Eric Stone, will be more diligent in remembering to introduce myself on the air. So if you don't yet know me, Eric Stone, you eventually will. For that, I apologize in advance.

Thanks for listening to us across your day here on Today's Best Mix, 104-5 KDAT.

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