Just reading a story about Tom Cruise. He's got a gym in his garage. Not a bench. Or a Peloton. A full-on gym. Now maybe this is a warm climate, or a really rich person phenomenon, but y'all using your garage for stuff other than cars is worrisome.

Here in the midwest--if you don't put your car in a garage, your car will try to kill you. In the winter, the windshield will never quite get clear enough to see out of during your entire drive to work. You're driving 60 miles an hour on an unplowed country road, in the dark, looking through that tiny strip of clear glass where the defrost vents are at the bottom of the windshield. It's insane.

In the Summer, getting into your car that's been sitting in the driveway for a few hours can actually cook you. The heat is like a rotisserie, and the searing surfaces will give you a nice char when you touch them. You smell slightly like steak when you arrive somewhere.

Not to mention the anytime possibility of walking out to your car to see a tree has fallen on it from some other weather-related anomaly.

I realize most of us have a time during which we can't get our cars in the garage due to life taking up the space in there. But that generally is temporary, and when you get your shit together, you can move the coolers and the bikes and make room.

But this is purpose-built, here's my mirror and sauna, and weights and cardio stuff where the car used to go.

I rented a house once in Vegas, and hit the code to open he garage when I arrived. I got an SUV full of family and luggage and groceries, only to be greeted by a garage with a ping pong table, pool table, old school video games and the washer and dryer. No room for a car, sorry.

You Hollywood people need a snowstorm so you can recalibrate your lives.

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