Cheesy, cheaply-produced commercials with fast-talking staff members aren't good enough for one local auto dealer to stand out and be unique. The folks at Rick's Auto Sales have been offering hot deals for decades, and once again this weekend due to an unfortunate accident, that was seen literally.

You can't miss the sign at Rick's in northeast Cedar Rapids, and on more than one occasion, Cedar Rapidians have seen it set ablaze. According to the staff at Rick's, it has happened twice, most recently over Labor Day Weekend.

Iowa's News Now says this past Monday night, fire crews were called to Rick's Auto Sales at 1945 42nd St. NE for a familiar occurrence: the sign was on fire, yet again. The photo below is shown from a previous fire.

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Google Maps

Investigators say in the latest occurrence, the 30-foot high sign had flames coming from the right front wheel and they were able to turn the power off to extinguish the flames.

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If their goal is to stand out, mission accomplished. No one was reportedly hurt in this fire, which is good news, but what about next time? The folks at Rick's credit the quick work of a passerby and the local fire department for arriving in less than 5 minutes and keeping the situation from being much worse. The owner says the car was not likely extremely damaged and will likely be saved.


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