And by "academy" I mean my amazing group of co-workers and bosses. Not to mention you, my readers and listeners.

For the first time ever, I have been honored as Employee of the Month! I'm not going to lie. When I was told on Tuesday it would be in my interest to make it to the meeting on Friday, I was really sweating the whole thing all week, figuratively and probably also literally.

I was actually co-employee of the month, as the nomination for August didn't get sent in to corporate due to having too many other irons in the fire around here. Of course, I was then told I was the choice for the month that got skipped. Go figure.

It's actually ironic I would get it this month because there are so many deserving people I work with that have all worked really hard, as they always do. Plus, it's felt like a constant struggle work-wise for me, trying to navigate the logistics of transferring studios (which on my end hasn't been completely resolved but we're three-quarters of the way there as of now). I've also gotten waaaaay behind on my blog quotas, so I'm cheating a little by doing one on this.

In all seriousness, this was a huge boost that I needed. What did I "get"? Just the honor of being recognized and congratulated by everyone, in front of everyone---and free pizza, which we all got, as the whole thing took place at a staff meeting. (I mean seriously, though, they could have at least given me a plaque or a certificate of appreciation or something, right? Or judging by the appearance of my iron? WHAT AM I SAYING!? I WANT A RAISE! Just kidding). And yes, that says I've been doing a "yeomen's" job which I had to Google and still don't really understand but it seems like a compliment. So, thanks!

It feels good to be wanted, by both colleagues and listeners. All I can say is thanks.

Have you ever gotten honored or recognized by your co-workers at a time when you really needed it? Share your stories in the comments.

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