What have I gotten myself into? First it was karaoke, now...bowling?

We do have fun with our jobs here at KDAT and Townsquare Media. Maybe a little too much fun. Case in point: a co-worker and I got the hare-brained idea to start a station bowling team!

I need exercise and social activity, so this kills two birds with one Stone. No pun intended.

We've started by recruiting a few staff members. Our classic rock sister station is going to be the flagship proprietor of the team, but I also want a few of my friends and KDAT listeners to join! Click the link below to watch the video we made about our plans.

Times, dates and locations have yet to be determined, but comment below if you'd be interested in coming to watch, or play. We just need a few good bowlers, and it's all in fun. Must be 21 and older to play. And be able to do better than my high score, which is only about a 70. I may end up just being the refreshment runner.

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