It seems like just as soon as we wrap up (get it?) the Christmas season and New Year's Day, the next "holiday" on deck is Valentine's Day. The expensive jewelry commercials haven't stopped, they've just shifted focus. Hallmark continues to fire on all cylinders with their movies, and their card aisle is still alive and well.

The specialty candy section in your local Target or Wal-Mart has swapped out the candy canes for the candy hearts. If you're without that special someone and especially if you have long since given up, it can either be depressing, annoying or both.

But maybe you're just not feeling the love on yet another lonely Valentine's Day. If you're without someone special to smooch this Valentine's Day, you can definitely "Smooch a Pooch"! Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control (CRACC) sent out a press release saying they are holding another adoption special, allowing you to bring home a loving companion on four legs for just $50! Perhaps unlike the human variety, this one will almost certainly and gleefully wag its tail and jump for joy upon your arrival.

Now through Valentine's Day, February 14, they are slashing the cost of a normal adoption fee and including all the necessities in the cost:

  • Spay or neuter
  • Initial vaccinations
  • Dewormer
  • Flea/tick treatment
  • Microchip

Well, everything except the love, food, toys, treats, and couch/bed space you'll be expected to provide over your new pet's life.

To speed up the process, you are encouraged to fill out an application online here.  Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control are located at 7241 Washington View Parkway SW on the Kirkwood Community College campus. Office hours are Monday through Saturday from Noon to 5:00 p.m. so you can stop by and find the love of your life. A little window shopping never hurt, though, so take a look at who is available to steal your heart through the CRACC PetFinder website here.

P.S. as a pet owner myself, beware: you'll probably still be on the hook for a "steak" dinner. Bring 'em some beef jerky and they won't even know the difference.

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