Karen Hemza, from St. Anne, Illinois, has made it her life's mission to work with and care for animals, and she finally gets to live that dream to the fullest, thanks to a kind neighbor who decided to take a chance on her.

Art Morrical has lived next to Karen for over 25 years, and has had a front row seat to watching Karen go above and beyond, housing almost 90 cats and 35 horses on her 65-acre farm. Karen dreamed of operating a cat shelter as well as a low-cost spay and neuter clinic, but never had the funding to make it a reality.

Recently, Art has skyrocketed in wealth through investing early in crypto currency Hex, and he decided to make Karen's dream a reality in the form of a $700,000 donation.

The goal is to have Sunrise Center Animal Rescue, as well as Furry Friends Spay & Neuter Clinic in the same building.

Karen told Daily Journal that the number of stray cats and dogs have been rising in the area significantly, and the best way to counter that is to spay and neuter the animals.

An area veterinarian, Dr. Diane Fedrow, will oversee the operations.

“If someone would have told me that we would soon be having this in Aroma Park, I would have called them a liar,” Karen told Daily Journal. “I’ve always been scraping and scrounging. For this to drop in my lap is amazing.”

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