When it comes to comedy and clubs both Illinois and Wisconsin have a hilarious history but which state has the funniest comedians of all time?

How To Figure Out Which State Has Funniest Comedians: Illinois Or Wisconsin?

Unfortunately, there isn't some sort of scientific equation to figure out which state has funnier comedians, Illinois or Wisconsin. Honestly, that would probably be much easier. So for my argument, I'm going with a straight head-on competition including the top five from each place to determine the winner.

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Top 5 Comedians Of All Time From Wisconsin

# 5 Dobie Maxwell

  • I've known Dobie for a long and he's one of my favorite comedians of all time. Mr. Lucky is a dented can who knows how to bring the funny.

# 4 Charlie Berens

  • Charlie is fairly new to the comedy world but his "Manitowoc Minute" has taken the internet world by storm. I saw him last year at the Coronado PAC and he was hilarious.

# 3 Gene Wilder

  • I really enjoyed his movies. They're always funny. I know him more for his acting career than stand-up.

#2 Frank Caliendo

  • Frank has an interesting background. He was born in Illinois but cut his teeth on comedy in Wisconsin. No one does impressions like him.

# 1 Chris Farley

    • Farley is one of the greatest of all time and definitely the funniest ever from Wisconsin.

Top 5 Comedians Of All Time From Illinois

# 5 Sam Kinison

  • Sam was a rock star comedian. Unfortunately, his partying lifestyle finally caught up with him.

# 4 Sebastian Maniscalco

  • I've been following him for a long time. I've been a fan of his stand-up but now I think he's a funny actor too.

# 3 Natasha Leggero

  • Of course, she gets some bonus points for being from Rockford but she can hold her own on the stage too.

# 2 John Belushi

  • His life was way too short but he dominated during his time on Earth.

# 1 Richard Pryor

  • It doesn't get much better than Richard. His stand-up specials and movies are hilarious. Plus, he was a huge influence on many comedians.

Who Wins Illinois Vs Wisconsin For Funniest Comedians

I will say it's a very close contest. I'm a big fan of both. When it comes down to it, I believe Illinois has the edge. Sorry Wisconsin comedy fans.

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