The Cubs did it! They emerged from the NLCS victorious, giving them their first trip to the World Series since 1945, en route to their potential first series win since 1908. Game 1 is Tuesday night (10/25) at 7 p.m. on Fox 28. Hosting the first two games are the Cleveland Indians, who are working on ending quite a long streak of futility themselves. That makes it even more fun--and that's the key word here--fun. Then it's back to Wrigley for Games 3 and 4 on Friday and Saturday. The atmosphere should be nothing short of magical.

But, people are already blasting each other on social media for being "fair-weather fans".

The Free Dictionary defines a fair-weather fan as:

"A person who is supportive of and enthusiastic about a sports team only when that team is performing well".

Casual fandom is just not accepted by some die-hards. If they don't feel you display the proper sense of perpetual dejection over the team's woes in the lean years, you are not welcome to join the party when they are successful.

In reality, everyone just wants to be part of something special and historic--and that should be a good thing. Let them hop aboard the bandwagon for what is certain to be a memorable ride. We all deserve something to celebrate.

Do you welcome fair-weather fans into the fold or do they bother you? Share your thoughts in the comments as well as your stories of what it means to you to have your team tasting success after a long period of struggle.

Last but not least: GO CUBS!  #FlyTheW

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