We finally have details about where a Waterloo favorite will be located. The business has been quiet over the past few weeks.

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Last month, the staff behind Incredible India Restaurant shared that they would be relocating in a Facebook post. Now, the eatery has a new location and is supposed to be open for business this week.

Incredible India used to be located at 2822 University Avenue in Waterloo, but in mid-October announced they would be downsizing and moving to a new location.

 In the initial social media post, the restaurant officials said,
"We are **relocating** our physical location to a smaller building very SOON! We will share the address with everyone as soon as we receive further confirmation."

Now located in the College Square Mall, Incredible India officials initially had plans to open the new spot on Saturday, November 12th for a soft opening. Unfortunately, due to internet issues they couldn't be up and ready to go for that Saturday evening.

They will be open on Tuesday from 11am - 1:30pm and 4pm - 7pm with a possibly limited menu. The restaurant will be open Tuesday through Saturdays going forward.

"We are still working on renovating our new location, so please don't let the construction stop you from ordering!"

If you plan to order ahead, they encourage you to do it on EatStreet or to give them a call at (319) 260-2315.

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