Iowa will soon see the face of a new arena, known as the Xtream Arena, located in Coralville.

The venue is located at 200 E 9th St in Coralville, not far from Interstate 80, easy for travelers to reach.

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The Xtream Arena boasts a 5,000 person capacity, and will be hosting concerts and sporting events. The first concert on their calendar is country legend Toby Keith, who will be stopping by on October 14th.

Most importantly, the venue is going to be home to the Iowa Heartlanders, the state's new ECHL hockey team.

The Iowa Heartlanders

Iowa Heartlanders

The Heartlanders are affiliated with the NHL's Minnesota Wild, and will host a 2021-2022 season consisting 50 games, with 25 home games. Their season will begin October 22nd.

Xtream Arena installed the ice recently, which was a two week process. Five miles of piping were laid beneath the floor, and those pipes stay between 17-19 degrees to keep the 15,000 gallons of water that make up the floor frozen thoroughly.

The team is putting the final touches on their locker room and team facilities this week to prepare for the upcoming season.


The team's mascot, a deer, sits in the form of a decal in the lighting of the team's locker room

The team will have lockers for their street clothes and personal belongings before they change out into their uniforms.

A TV and whiteboards hang in the middle of the team room to give the coaches a medium to help prepare teams before they take the ice.

These stalls will house the players' uniforms and equipment.

The equipment room holds state of the art sharpening equipment, featuring the team's logos to keep the overall theme of the locker room.

Iowa Hawkeye Volleyball

The Xtream Arena is also the home of the University of Iowa volleyball teams, with the arena being able to easily lay down a high quality court for the Hawkeyes to take on any visiting teams.

Conversion from ice to volleyball is a 7-8 hour process:

  • Ice decking is laid on top of the ice
  • Glass is removed from the dasher boards
  • The basketball flooring is laid on top of the ice decking
  • Carpet is put around the outside of the basketball floor
  • The volleyball teraflex flooring is laid on top of the basketball court and the net, table and chairs are put out around the court

Other Features

The Xtream Arena is also home to the GreenState Family Fieldhouse, a three full-court fieldhouse that hosts a variety of events.

Team Store and Merchandise

The Iowa Heartlanders are quickly stocking their team store, which holds a variety of merchandise relating to the team. The shop is referred to as The Silo, keeping with the Iowa theme.

Overall, this is a highly exciting venue to come to Eastern Iowa, giving more opportunity for events and most importantly; a place to make memories.

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