It was a great Saturday for the Iowa Hawkeye women's basketball team as they officially began their NCAAW championship tournament.

The Hawkeyes took on Holy Cross and left Carver-Hawkeye Arena with a blowout victory. They beat the Holy Cross Crusaders by a final score of 91-65. The only part of the game that was ever close was the first quarter which ended with a score of 23-21. After that, the Hawkeyes dominated the second quarter, scoring 25 points to Holy Cross' 9. The game was never in doubt after that.

While the Hawkeyes dominated the game, there was an interesting moment between Caitlin Clark and her father in the second quarter. For any parent who has children who play sports, you've maybe found yourself in this situation while watching your child play.

Caitlin Clark has earned all of the recognition she receives and she's a hero to so many young girls and young basketball players. For a lot of young kids, Caitlin is almost like some kind of superhero. Thousands (maybe millions) of kids look up to Caitlin, she's talked about every day on various sports outlets, and she's touted as one of the greatest college athletes of all's almost hard to remember that there 2 people in the world who simply know Caitlin as their daughter.

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Father/Daughter Moment

Caitlin and her dad had an interesting exchange late in the 2nd quarter of Saturday's game as he wasn't exactly happy with her complaining about the referees. Imagine how many parents go through this with their young athletes much less one of the most popular basketball players on the planet.

According to 247Sports, Caitlin has worked on controlling her temper during games this season. Early in the game, Caitlin bounced a ball off of her head in frustration. Caitlin also spoke to officials in frustration after being called for an offensive foul after the final horn in the second quarter. It doesn't take a professional lip reader to see him yell stop as he wanted Caitlin to cool it with the complaining.

After the game, Caitlin said "I should probably smile more. I'm a competitor. I love this game. I'm a perfectionist."

Moving forward, Caitlin may want to keep her emotions in check as best as she can. This is something referees could be looking out for and they may try to make an example out of the best college basketball player in the world.

I want to come to the defense of Caitlin a little bit the first half of that game, she took a beating. Holy Cross was all over her, including a play where she ended up getting elbowed in the face.

Caitlin will play what is most likely her final game at Carver-Hawkeye Arena tonight, as the Iowa Hawkeyes take on West Virginia at 7. The winner of this game will earn a spot in the Sweet16.

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