'Tis the sneeziest time of the year.

Hallmark seems to have claimed all cheesy Christmas-y things. The phrase 'Christmas Tree Syndrome' sounds like a phrase a movie would use to describe a big city girl who hates Christmas but falls in love with a guy wearing flannel whose family owns a Christmas tree farm.


What 'Christmas Tree Syndrome' Actually Is

Timing is everything. As I tell you about this "syndrome", I'm sitting here sniffly with a headache after putting up my friend's Christmas tree.. Christmas Tree Syndrome, according to Newsweek, is basically what happens when your allergies don't agree with the Christmas tree. And that isn't relegated to real trees either, fake Christmas trees can prompt it too.

It's basically like a cold but symptoms of Christmas Tree Syndrome can include:

  • runny nose
  • sneezing
  • congestion
  • irritated eyes
  • coughing
  • itchy or sore throat
  • maybe even skin irritation or rashes

If you have asthma, you could be more at risk for Christmas Tree Syndrome.

The Why Of It


Pollen is a huge factor in the syndrome if you get sick from a real tree. But Christmas trees have a chemical in their absolutely amazing scent called terpenes. Not everyone's noses like terpenes, thus the reason we get sniffly around a Christmas tree. Artificial Christmas trees could prompt Christmas Tree Syndrome if they have mold growths or have become home to bugs.

The best way to curtail Christmas Tree Syndrome if you have a fake tree is to store it somewhere dry and not humid so critters don't think it's a good home.

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