Many have tried, one Iowan has succeeded.

Often you, or someone that you see on the roads, gets a lead foot and goes absolutely flying down an interstate or city road. It happens whether or not the driver realizes it and as we see all too often, it can be fatal.

But there's one guy from Council Bluff that's legendary for it.

Fast And The Furious: Iowa Drift?


There's a dramatic story behind Iowa's fastest speeding ticket. Illinois' just kind of happened but Iowa had to have some flair to our record, obviously. Motor Authority says that the semi-official (because he was actually convicted) record situation went down like this.

James Foldenauer's issues with law enforcement started when James was riding his Suzuki motorcycle going 89 mph through a construction zone in 2009. Police tried to pull him over because duh and James wasn't having it.

So instead, James ripped the throttle on the motorcycle (which can reach 200 mph with some basic mods) and hauled out, eluding patrol cars but not noticing that Iowa State Patrol aircraft clocked him going 188 mph.

James did the weaving in and out of cars thing and was ultimately followed back to his house in Council Bluffs by police.

A jury wasn't buying James' defense (which was the police misidentified the color of his bike from orange to red) and he was convicted. He spent over a month in jail and did 163 hours of community service work, one for every mile that he was speeding.

Highway speeding is bad in Iowa. More recently, in 2022, a young driver was clocked going 133 mph around Waterloo and the teen was slapped with a $515 fine.

Drive normal fam. Don't get a lead foot.

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