Photo's of this week's Supermoon have been popping up all over the place. You know doubt have seen several of them on your social media newsfeeds. However, police in Iowa City were exposed to a moon this week that wasn't very 'super'.

The Gazette reported that according to police, on November 13th, 19-year-old Jordan Rihani was observed shouting complaints at officers on the ped mall in Iowa City. Officers confronted him and noticed that he smelt strongly of alcohol. They asked Rihani to head home. He began to leave the area, but then turned around and exposed his backside to officers. Police attempted to talk with Rihani again, but this time he ran. The chase ended after he ran into a wall.

Rihani was taken into custody and was found to be carrying Xanax and several fake IDs. He faces multiple charges including unlawful possession of a prescription drug and interference with official acts.



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