Exciting news for Google Street View fans, the Google car recently completed another trip through eastern Iowa and that means fresh photos!

Did you make it to any of this crop o' pictures? It appears the vehicle drove through Cedar Rapids and Iowa City in September and December of 2021, and Waterloo/Cedar Falls around August, and December.

What the car spotted ranges from funny all the way to, in at least one case, agitating. You'll see why, and I think you'll know the exact photo that makes me say that.

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Remember before we go streetside, Google will always blur out faces and license plates, so you'll never be able to 100% confirm you are, indeed, featured. But, I'm sure in the case of a couple of these photos, you could make a strong case it's you.

If you do spot yourself, your car, or something else relating to you, please email me and let me know so I can update the story and include that information.

Also don't forget, you can always go street view and see your own home, a friend's home, or your place of work and see if you spot yourself or your car parked outside. This is really America's Past Time!

Let's take a look at the Google car's most recent body of work, shall we?

Did You Make Google Maps?

After a recent visit to eastern Iowa, see if you made the Google Maps street view high and lowlights!

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