*Above is a stock photo and not the stolen golf clubs mentioned in this story

If your goal is to succeed in a sport and maybe do it professionally someday, you take your game and gear a little bit more seriously than if you're just hitting the links for fun. Someone like Tiger Woods can afford to just get new clubs, and it's also more likely his would somehow miraculously turn back up after a period of time. For a high school kid working towards his future, it was necessary to make a backup plan when his clubs turned up missing. It's amazing how well he still did under the circumstances.

It was the season-opening Mississippi Valley Conference competition when Kennedy's Reid Hall discovered his beloved and sort of important clubs were missing. No time to panic, he had to find a new set to borrow quickly. He told the Cedar Rapids Gazette:

I went outside and was going to my car and saw it wasn’t there,” Hall said. “I was all dressed up, ready to go. Then, I had to go get my brother’s clubs from his work."

Reid Hall ended up finishing in second place, despite the setback! Pretty amazing.

I did manage to find another clip of Reid doing what he loves and does well, via his National Collegiate Student Athlete (NCSA) recruiting profile.

I have a feeling he'll one day reach a point where losing a set of golf clubs won't be quite the emergency it was this week, or the expense it may end up being if they don't find the thief.

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