An Iowa high school is planning to host an actual graduating ceremony early this summer after the senior class voted to have one.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in countless high schools in Iowa and around the nation canceling graduation ceremonies, but that hasn't happened in Indianola, Iowa.

Abby McCormick, a member of the graduating class, started a petition for the school to have an actual ceremony after she found out the district was making a video to look back on the last 13 years. The petition took off, receiving almost 800 signatures.

The school then polled the entire senior class, 250 of them, and asked them to vote for a "virtual ceremony" next month or whether they'd like to try to have a real ceremony in June. Almost two of every three said they wanted the real thing.

The school has decided they'll try to host the live ceremony on June 28, if allowed by guidelines from the state. If not, they'll move ahead with a virtual ceremony at that time.

McCormick is thrilled that the school paid attention to the petition and her fellow seniors. She told KCCI,

They have listened to our needs and our wishes and our wants. I know in their hearts, they are really caring for us. They're not just trying to get it over with and throw us away. I'm really grateful for that.

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