Talk about a game-changer.

The Gazette reports the Iowa Lottery plans to overhaul its game options this fall. The Hot Lotto game seems to be running cold in Iowa and 13 other states and will be eliminated.

The final Hot Lotto drawing will be held October 28. Anyone winning through the game between now and then will still have 365 days from the date of the drawing in which they are playing, to claim their winnings. The current capability to purchase plays for 10 drawings in advance will continue to decrease as the October 28 finale approaches.

Eight Hot Lotto top jackpots have been claimed since its inception in 2002, including one by a man from Indianola named John Hall, who won $19.97 million and the largest jackpot in the history of Hot Lotto.

Lottery officials say they continue to revamp and reorganize game options every few years and a new $1 game will be implemented at some point to replace Hot Lotto.

Did you play the Hot Lotto option and will you miss it? How much have you ever won playing the lotto? Share your thoughts in the comments.

[Via Gazette]

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