Have you ever seen an outdoor piano on the sidewalk when it's 10 degrees outside and felt the urge to jump on and play a quick rendition of "Chopsticks"? No? OK maybe a little more realistically at say 35-40 degrees and certainly, in the spring and summertime, it would be a lot of fun and pretty enjoyable.

You've heard of 3D printers, well now a piano technician from Boone, Iowa is creating a "3D piano"!


WeAre Iowa YouTube Channel
WeAreIowa YouTube Channel

Chuck Brehm is designing a piano to withstand the elements

When you see a "street piano" there may be some historical or vintage significance to it, but it's usually just an ordinary piano, placed there as unique decor. So wouldn't it be good if it could withstand snow, rain, and sleet and also be comfortable for playing in the elements? That's the idea, says Chuck Brehm of Boone to WeAreIowa.

His first outdoor piano lasted three years outside in the summer heat before the wood began to deteriorate. WIth his winterized 3D model, he'd like to shoot for five if not more. Ideally, it could go uncovered year-round as well before the four days of required maintenance.

The piano will have heated keys

He might want to consider that for the bench/seat too, but one thing at a time. The 3D keys will not affect the sound of the piano, and it will seem no different than the real deal--aside from the also COLORIZED keys.  Despite the time investment Brehm is putting into his new invention, he's still doing his "day job" of maintaining and tuning "ordinary" pianos as well.

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