I mean, who doesn't just have almond milk lying around?

Here in the Hawkeye state, we're definitely "Iowa Nice", but it seems someone recently wanted to test our limits.

"Caucus-goers are extremely well-informed". How dare we! Wait, is that actually a compliment?

"More unbuilt land in one block than NYC has in an entire borough." I don't even know what that means. Would that be some of the unbuilt land where we grow the corn we're so haughtily mocked for on a regular basis (which is surprisingly absent from this round of "observations")?

Please. Enjoy your "almond milk" (I'll have to ask a couple of my farmer friends if they've ever milked an almond) with your pinky in the air, and take comfort in knowing we will welcome you back should you need to return to cover our state again for any reason, because, unlike you, we are "Iowa nice"!

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