If you're not on the Hailey Whitters bandwagon yet, you need to climb aboard! The Shueyville-native just released the music video for one of the most popular songs off her most recent album.

Back in February, Hailey finally released her full-length album The Dream. The album features popular songs like "10 Year Town," "Heartland," and "The Days," but the one that seems to have become a fan favorite is "Janice at the Hotel Bar."

According to The Boot, Hailey said in an interview that "Janice at the Hotel Bar" is "a song about an 80-something-year-old woman named Janice who just dished all this life wisdom one time." It was inspired by advice given by a real woman who a friend once met at a hotel bar. She told People:

"This song is about paying homage to the women who came before us and raised us to be the people we are today."

Hailey teamed up with songwriter Lori McKenna to write the track, which has inspired the hashtag "#WomenLikeJanice." People were so touched by the lyrics of the song that they began sharing stories about the Janices in their lives. Somebody even created an Instagram dedicated to these women, @WomenLikeJanice. You can view that HERE.

Hailey finally dropped the music video for "Janice at the Hotel Bar" this week with the help of People. I think it's the perfect representation for such a meaningful song! You can view the video below:

What do you think of "Janice at the Hotel Bar?" Let us know in the comments below!

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