It should come as no surprise to us that, according to a new WalletHub report, Iowa ranks in the Top 15 among the "Hardest Working States In America".

We came in 14th overall, behind North Dakota (#1) South Dakota (#3), Nebraska (#5), Kansas (#13), and ahead of Minnesota (#15), Wisconsin (#20), Indiana (#21), Missouri (#24) and Illinois (#42).

Roll up your sleeves (that is if you can get a break from working so hard) to congratulate yourselves! The midwest work ethic strikes again.

They broke it down further into categories including "Lowest Idle Youth Rate", where Iowa ranked #2, and "Highest Employment Rate", where we also ranked second. Other categories included "Highest Average Workweek Hours", "Highest Annual Volunteer Hours Per Resident", and "Lowest Average Leisure Time Spent Per Day".

Another statistic the survey found was that only 54 percent of Americans use all of their vacation time. Some fear to look "less dedicated" while others fear "falling behind" as reasons for not taking time off.

You can learn more about the report here.

[Via WalletHub]



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