The first official day of spring is 1 week away as the "vernal equinox" happens on March 19th this year. Whether you're excited for warmer weather, St Patrick's Day, more sunlight, or a big basketball tournament, March is a good reminder that warmer days are ahead.

Did you know March is also when we may start noticing more bats flying around at night? According to Catseye Pest, bats are most active from March to November. As the weather warms up, bats can be seen flying at night more frequently.

During the early months of spring, bats may exit their sleeping locations when the temperatures are warmer but they may rush back to their homes when the nighttime temperatures drop. This can cause bats to potentially end up in your home by accident.

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One of Iowa's favorite country stars, Hailey Whitters, recently discovered a bat hanging out (no pun intended) in her toilet. If you end up with a bat in your Iowa home, can you legally eliminate the problem?

Unsplash - Husen Siraaj
Unsplash - Husen Siraaj

Can You Kill Bats in Iowa?

Technically it is illegal to kill bats in the state of Iowa, even if one does get into your house. Legis Iowa Code 481A.42 states that "protected nongame species" include wild bats. It is illegal to kill a bat, even if you're trying to get it out of your house.

If an individual bat enters your home, there's a good chance it's a lost, younger bat, who has entered the house by accident. If this does happen, always remember that their main goal is to get back outside.

What To Do If a Bat Enters Your Home?

There are a few different options you have if a bat enters your home. One of the biggest reasons for not killing bats is how much they help the environment. They help maintain insect and pest control. They also help pollinate the plants in your backyard.

If a bat enters your home;


  • Close interior doors to give the bat a way outside
  • Bats will normally fy in a U shape path, flying higher near the walls and lower in the center of the room, so stay near your walls
  • If the bat doesn't find its own escape, call animal control for help or wait for it to land and use a blanket, pillow case, thick gloves, bucket, etc. to capture it and let it outside.

I'll be the first person to admit I'm not the biggest fan of bats. I want to leave them alone and I want them to leave me alone. It can be alarming if a bat enters your house but remember not to kill it. Always try to give them a chance at getting back outside.

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