My fellow Iowans, I confess: I was born and largely raised in Minnesota, your friendly (though not as friendly as portrayed in the media) neighbor to the north. That said, I love much of the same enticing food offerings as any good Iowan. I love corn, taco pizza, I can tolerate Busch Light (also insanely popular in Southern Minnesota PS) and ranch dressing. However, when it comes to ranch dressing I have one qualm with what you're using ranch dressing as a dip for.

Ranch is a true MVP, but let's get real here...

Ranch dressing rocks, no doubt. It's great on salad (obviously), perfect as a dip for wings, jalapeno poppers, fries, and a co-worker swears it's great on a baked potato, too. I'd imagine it is. But there's one combo I cannot accept no matter how many times I hear it: pizza dipped in ranch. It's simply too bizarre for me to comprehend. It's not because of the cheese, most self-respecting salads have cheese. I'd imagine it would be a great dip for grilled cheese, too. With regards to the pizza issue I have, it's not about a specific topping. It's not about the texture. It's about what you're doing to the 'za itself.

A good pizza doesn't need to be dipped in anything

Think of a good pizza like a steak: a good steak doesn't need A1 or some sugary, drizzly steak sauce. That's a waste of a good steak, it covers up the flavor. Pizza is the same way, my friend. If you have a really good pizza from (insert your fav. pizza joint), you must like their pizza already enough to be a repeat customer, no? Okay, then why dip it in ranch? Why take something so tasty and so precious and dunk it in a substance that will greatly alter the flavor?

I get it, you could say the same for chicken wings. They have a flavor with the sauce, why add ranch blah blah. But they are generally hot and, the ranch adds a cooling flavor to enhance your wing. With pizza, there's simply no need. It's overkill. That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it.

I would like to offer a compromise: use the ranch for the pizza crust, so no part of the pizza goes to waste. Deal?

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