While you may hope to never see either of these in or around your home, mice/rats do play a vital role in the health of grasslands and forests. These rodents are major food sources for hawks, foxes, bobcats, and even wolves. Rats/mice may be vital to helping forests and grasslands but they can be a nightmare if you find yourself with an infestation at your home.

If these rodents decide to make your home, their home, they can create problems for your health, destroy property, ruin plants, and cause harm to animals. According to the EPA, "Each year, rodents cause significant damage to property, crops, and food supplies across the United States.  In addition to damaging property, rodents may also spread diseases, posing a serious risk to public health."

Firstly, If you do come across a mouse or a rat in Iowa, hopefully, you've found it outside of your home. Second, if you come across a mouse or rat in Iowa, it's most likely one of these! According to Birdwatching HQ, these are the most common rats/mice in Iowa.

Some people believe mice and rats are the same thing or that mice are just young rats. That is not the case. They are different animals, with their own life cycles, habitats, and health issues, according to Cooper Pest.

While you may not like these rodents...they are kind of cute!

Most Common Rats/Mice Found in Iowa

8. Northern Grasshopper Mouse

7. Western Harvest Mouse

6. White-Footed Deer Mouse

5. Eastern Deer Mouse

4. House Mouse

3. Eastern Meadow Vole (Field Mouse)

Unsplash - Heather Wilde
Unsplash - Heather Wilde

2. Black Rat

Unsplash - Freestocks
Unsplash - Freestocks

1. Brown Rat

Unsplash - Matt Seymour
Unsplash - Matt Seymour

According to Bird Watching HQ, the brown rat, also known as; the street rat, sewer rat, garden rat, or gray rat, is the most widespread rat in Iowa. These rodents aren't native to North America and it is believed they originated in China and Mongolia.

You can find brown rats just about anywhere that people live as they try and scavenge food from the trash. While they may seem off-putting, companion rats have been trained to assist humans in certain jobs, like detecting gunpowder for forensic teams and/or providing therapy support.

Hopefully, you won't have to deal with any of these potential tenants living rent-free in your home. If you own a cat, they can do a good job at keeping mice/rats away from certain areas of your home but Mice Hunters does add, that you'll likely need professional help if they become a problem.

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