Despite an online campaign for her expenses, having raised 5 times the amount she was sentenced to pay through GoFundMe donations, an Iowa teen who was charged with killing her alleged rapist will now appeal her court order.

According to KCRG, 17-year-old Pieper Lewis was ordered to pay $150,000 to the family of her alleged rapist, Zachary Brooks. The GoFundMe account raised $561,000 to date, more than enough for her to pay the restitution, but Lewis' lawyers appealed, saying it is an "illegal sentence".

They pointed to the fact that Brooks was "identified as a person responsible for human-trafficking her for sex."

According to KCCI, Pieper Lewis was charged with involuntary manslaughter and willful injury after killing Brooks two years ago, and she pled guilty. She was sentenced to a $150,000 restitution fine and five years of probation. It is unclear how the GoFundMe money will be used, but it will likely go towards her appeal and future legal expenses.

Learn more about this case from our previous coverage below:

GoFundMe Raising Big Money for Iowa Teen Who Admitted Killing Man

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