There are indeed, heroes and angels among us, and they seem to keep starting younger.

This is a remarkable story out of Centerville, Iowa about a 9-year-old who might have saved her babysitter's life by already knowing the protocol of 911. Babysitter Caitlin Rogers was looking after 9-year-old Madelyn White and her siblings while their parents were on vacation.

Rogers fell asleep and suddenly, blood was coming from her mouth. The 9-year-old Madelyn knew something was wrong. She called her parents to tell them and ask what to do. Her mother said call 911. Responders came to the rescue while dispatchers stayed on the phone with Madelyn, who was keeping her siblings calm through the whole ordeal.

Rogers, the babysitter, had suffered a seizure and thanks to young Madelyn's grace under fire, all is now well as Rogers is on seizure medication.

The City of Centerville awarded Madelyn as an honorary "junior firefighter" and "Citizen of the Month".

We love hearing stories like this, and we're glad it turned out for the best. Way to go, Madelyn!

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