Zack Snyder's "Justice League" comes out on HBO MAX on March 18th, 2021. Some fans got early access to this 4 hour long movie on March 13th. One of those fans was Everett DeVaux, a native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He gained access to see the Snyder cut early through the sweepstakes “Heroes Among Us” where you had to make a short video, no longer than a minute, describing someone in your life that shares an attribute to one of the Justice League members. He chose his girlfriend Jessica and related her to Wonder Woman’s compassion which is something she shares with almost everyone in her life on top of having a busy schedule with school and work. He was then told he had won. He and his girlfriend are big fans of DC & and Zack Snyder alike.


When asked about what he thought of the movie, Everett shared his favorite moments along with his personal rating.

For this film, it’s tough to give it a rating, I’ve been following the Snyder cut movement since late 2017 when the theatrical cut was released. Throughout those 3 years there was the fan base that pushed to have this film released but so many news outlets and executives from WB stated that it was never going to see the light of day. Finally after seeing Snyder’s vision I’d have to give it a solid 8.5 if not higher. The film does such a great job at fleshing out the heroes and how they’re feeling in the moment when they have to stand in the face of failure and a potential world ending situation. The CGI does let down here and there for certain scenes but I’d say at least 95% of it is simply breathtaking, especially the scenes with Cyborg, Flash, and the “History Lesson” where we see the Greek Gods, Atlanteans, and Man team up to protect the planet from Darkseid and his army. Also for a four hour film the pacing is great! The film is broken into seven parts so you if you get tired and want to pick up at a later time you can stop really anywhere. It is much better than the original cut that was released and is a satisfactory end of the “Snyderverse” if it does end here.

As said before, Everett is a big fan of DC and Zack Snyder, meaning his love for this movie could have a bias so I asked him what he thought the casual viewer would think of it.

Zack Snyder’s previous superhero film Batman v Superman came out it was a critical and commercial failure. Which subsequently led to his Justice League film getting gutted and refilled by Joss Whedon. That being said I think the general public will appreciate this closer to Man of Steel than BvS. I think the only thing really holding this film back is it’s length. Fans of Snyder are going to really appreciate what he’s done here, especially the fans of his previous work within this universe. This is Snyder at his best and with full power over a production.


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While Mr. DeVaux loved this movie, he did have one critique.

The biggest criticism I can think of is the soundtrack in all honesty. I felt like it has sound queues that were off and felt very forced. It is a much higher step up compared to Danny Elfman’s Justice League soundtrack that was pretty bland in my opinion. I can’t find any huge criticisms that I wouldn’t be able to find in any other big superhero movie, I’m just glad we finally get the chance to see what Snyder had in mind for his universe.

I was a bit worried about how this movie would turn out, but after my talk with Everett I am now excited for March 18th!

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