Over the last 18 or so months we've learned a lot of Iowans can work from home. Certainly not all, shoutout to truckers, teachers, farmers, retail workers... those who have to be at work. Those folks, by and large, are not drinking on the job. Well, we hope. In the case of teachers, I wouldn't blame you if you did. But for Iowans working from home, the hooch has been flowing!

Iowans are drinking on the job... from home

The Iowans who have continued to work from home during the pandemic, we can, I guess, salute you with a beer. While on the clock. That's according to a new study from Alcohol.org. Their study says roughly 47% of Iowans admit they've had a drank (or more) while working from home. Cheers?

That 47% puts Iowa in a tie for second-highest drinking on the job rate in the U.S.A. losing out to only Hawaii where a whopping 67% have consumed an adult beverage while working. I mean, if I lived on a tropical island paradise, I'd always have a pina colada in hand, too.

What's our home office drink of choice? Mine is OJ (if anyone of authority asks).  While just over 1 in 3 surveyed claimed they are likely to drink more alcohol in isolation. Depending on what you do for a living, I'd imagine work meetings would be a bit more interesting if you're half in the tank.

Hey, at least you won't be driving anywhere since you're already home... Salut bière!

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